With compassion and empathy, Michele works with students to help them find their strengths and together they strategize just the right route to successIn addition, Michele also works closely with parents, caregivers, and support teams (therapists, etc.) of middle and high school students to create a holistic approach for each student’s success

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We offers personalized strategies for students who are in middle school, high school, and college.  

What my students say
about the courses

Michele’s encourages us. She helps us get better grades and makes us feel good about school.

Natasha - Middle School Student

Michele personifies the highest qualities of enthusiasm, creativity, and intelligence demanded in teaching.

J. Gore - Professor of Education

Children feel comfortable with Michele, and she has an ability to relate to them. Parents also feel comfortable discussing with her issues they are facing with their children.

John S. - Headmaster Middle/High School

I believe Michele is one of the best teachers I have come across. Even if a student is not interested in a subject, Michele’s energy will pass on to the student and it is guaranteed that by the end of the semester the student will be in love with the subject.

Darya F. - College student